What is the Third Eye Pullbox?

The Third Eye Pullbox is an in-store mailbox for NEW COMIC RELEASES to be pulled and held for you each and every week. While it’s a great way to ensure you never miss an issue of your favorite series (which you know is rarely a problem at Third Eye!), it’s an even better way to track the books you’re following and make sure you don’t forget to snag one of your favorites on a big week of new releases!

How does the Third Eye Pullbox work?

Easy! You create an account at thirdeyepullbox.com, log-in, add the titles from our catalog that you want to follow, and then when the next issue of your series come out, we pull them and hold them in a pullbox with your last name on it. When you come in the shop, you tell us your last name, and voila: you’ve got comics. 🙂

How often do I need to empty my Third Eye Pullbox?

Every 30 days.

Can’t make it to the shop in 30 days? No problem! Our team will actually reach out and contact you via e-mail to offer mail-order options to have your books paid up and shipped, or just to remind you to come in and grab your stuff.

If we don’t see your box is empty after 6 weeks, we’ll assume that you’d want us to put them back out on the shelf, and then we can catch you up whenever you’re ready to start collecting again!

When is my Third Eye Pullbox ready for pick up?

Each Wednesday, new releases come out, and if some of those are books on your pull list – they’ll be in your pullbox, ready for pick up anytime! 🙂 You can keep up with our new releases list at thirdeyecomics.com, or by subscribing to our newsletter here.

Can’t Find What You’re Looking For In Our Catalog?

It’s all good! Just email us at info@thirdeyecomics.com with the title you’d like to add, and we’ll do it manually for you! 🙂

Navigating Our Catalog + Adding Titles

Visit THIRDEYEPULLBOX.COM, log into your Third Eye Pullbox account (or click here to register and create one!) click the CATALOG link, and then you’ll see a full list of all the currently ongoing, and upcoming new series that you can choose from!

You can also search even faster, by typing the name of the title into the SEARCH BOX, or by using the CATEGORIES drop-down menu to browse by publisher!

Just click ADD TO BOX, and BOOM! The book is now on your list until you remove it!

Can I add variant covers to my pullbox via the website?

For incentive variant covers, due to the very limited availability of some, we advise you either email us at info@thirdeyecomics.com to check availability, or call your local Third Eye Comics location to check availability and find out how to pre-order incentive variants.

For alternate covers that are not incentive variants, just shoot us an email at info@thirdeyecomics.com with the specifics (i.e “I want to get HARLEY QUINN COVER B instead of COVER A, or I want to get BATMAN both covers, etc.”)

We’ll take it from there, and make sure you get the issues you need! 🙂

And, heck, sometimes you can actually add the alternate covers right from our catalog!

Can I add manga titles to my pullbox?

Yes, due to the serial nature of manga releases, we are able to add ongoing subscriptions to your favorite manga! 🙂

Can I add graphic novel, toys, or other merch releases to my pullbox?

Unfortunately, we can’t, because these are not typically on a serial release schedule. However, you can email us at info@thirdeyecomics.com to have a graphic novel, toy, statue, or other non-comic / non-manga item put on hold for you.

Can I put older books in my box?

Since our service is built around dropping the newest release of a series into your folder, we are unable to store older releases. However, you can email us at info@thirdeyecomics.com to inquire about having older back issues of a series held for you as a hold, and not a subscription box pull.

What if I don’t see my favorite comic in your catalog?

Just e-mail us at info@thirdeyecomics.com and let us know! Sometimes things can slip by us, or it may be under another listing in the catalog, and we can help you locate it! Either way, we’re here to make sure you get what you need!